I Want To Love….

I want to look at you and let stirrings begin,
Of feelings in me that I never knew existed.
I want to look at tots and dream
Of how our own brood of little kids will be.
I want you to be my definition of love,
Words, thoughts and dreams come alive.
I want yours to be the only face I see
Seven billion others fade into the background.
I want to feel vulnerable with you,
Know you could break my heart & yet still want you.
I want you to be my everything.

Be my ignition
Light a fire within me with every touch.
Be my melody,
Let your voice be sweet honey dripping in my ears.
Be my sweetness,
Let your kisses fill my mouth & make me want more.
Be my beacon
When the storms gather and the skies darken,
Let your light guide me home.
Be my partner,
The one I turn to first always.
Be one with me
Bones, fibers and muscles – all sinewed together.
Be my weakness,
All claims of being macho take flight.

Be my love,
In every tiny way.

I want to love you in exactly like this,
But I just can’t.

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  1. Hehehe
    I was beginning to believe you….then you ‘just can’t’ it!

    Hara / Reply
  2. A good writer is a good writer. Whether political commentary or love poems, Mark is a good writer.

    Wakbul / Reply
  3. Love it Amaza.

    elleshija / Reply

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