Today, I feature a guest writer on my blog, Ati Kenneth Kengkeng. I have known Kengkeng  since we met in 2010 at the Heir Apparent Leadership and Entrepreneurship Reality TV Show, which he won. He is one young man I know to be passionate about God, Nigeria and youth development. He is a fast-growing agro-entrepreneur and a public speaker, especially in the issues he is passionate about. I believe you shall enjoy this article of his.

Today the twelfth day of December 2012 marks a spectacular repetition of the number 12 three times in our conventional way of presentation of dates 12:12:12. Ordinarily, this date wouldn’t have stolen my sleep from me but the ado accompanying it is becoming worrisome.

While I was watching TV (NTA) and tweeting the hypocrisy of pilot newspaper last night as they qualified almost every serving minister and high ranking officer of the federal government for awards of excellence in their field of endeavor, I received broadcasts and perused several status updates on my blackberry device giving so much attention to today’s date, its significance and what has to be done to make it worthwhile. I read through most of them and after each one I read, I received a fresh feeling of reluctance in reading the next. The height of it was when a close friend and brother joined the train to send me his take on this day. His version was spiritual, clearly stating that by 12:12am on 12:12:12, he would be praying…so I (alongside other contacts on BBM) should take advantage of the date and join him in making declarations for the future…

I love his broadcast except for the date 12:12:12. I have no problem with the day for it is indeed the day that the Lord has made and I’m obliged to rejoice and be glad in it. Today and/or the date 12:12:12 does not imply anything bad to me, neither is there any existing omen interested in this day nor date that I know of. Apart from that, today is a day I need to pass through in order to fulfill my destiny. I have made plans through today unto next year and I never cease to ask God for long life and protection in order to fulfill my destiny. Today is strategic in the plan of God for all life and it will be improper to imply that I dislike or disdain this day which I have longed to see (like any other day) for whatever reason.

However, it is unfortunate that all the fanfare about today has its foundation on the repetition of number 12. A simple run down of the characteristics of today will almost be the same as yesterday except principally for the activities we decide to carry out. Because of this date, churches have convened fasting and prayer services, parents have called family meetings, others have arranged drinking bouts, couples have arranged vacations and a lot more. As healthy and proper as some of these agenda may seem, the foundation is not really the need for these activities but the fact that there is a lovely repetition of 12 in today’s date. My friend went a little deeper to give analysis of today as it occurs only once in 1000 years and we are opportune to be alive to experience it for the first and last time. Very wonderful and true. In my response to my friend, I simply asked of the day that has happened twice or a day that he or any man, both dead and alive has lived in it twice. None. All the days of our lives occur once, so why the emphasis on today? It’s nothing new. In all, I decided to cast my mind back to dates of that kind which were almost not taken notice of, or were not even remembered or celebrated. I couldn’t lay my hands on my 2009,2010  and 2011 diaries immediately, else, I’m sure I did wonderfully as my regular agenda demanded on 09:09:09, 10:10:10 and 11:11:11.

I make bold to propose that we de emphasize wholly, the various agenda accompanying this date. I consider it expediently detrimental to incur extra expenditure on whims and caprices because of same 24 hours that has a different appellation 12:12:12. In all the broadcasts I received, I just could not help but see at a glance, a lively generation seeking an avenue to express their exuberance or better still, a reason to deplete their savings. If you die today, you will still go to heaven or hell according to your deeds; if you cock a gun and shoot it in your mouth, you will still die; if you run into a moving vehicle, nothing can stop it from knocking you down; we are still going to have morning, afternoon and evening today by the grace of God and worst of all, today does not stop our government from being the most corrupt in the whole world. Pray, not because of this date but because you want to and it is demanded by God. Fast if you want to, but do not do so because of this date. Feel free to give your wife a treat because you love her, not because of this date. Worst of all, no date or day will ever occur again in this life or in the life to come. As a matter of fact, the life to come (eternity) is the realm of permanence where time and date will be no more. Some are anxious and are fretting because of their uncertainty in eternity. I won’t be out of line if I say that some “man of God” somewhere must’ve triggered his congregation into thinking that the world will end today. 01:01:01, 02:02:02 down to 11:11:11 all happened without this much noise. It’ll be wonderful to have us walk through this day and date in our usual fellowship with God and one another. There ought not to be any haste of any sort because of an expected repetition of numbers.

Finally, if today does not bring you closer to God then it is the most wasted of all days. This should be for all, (especially those who fret) a day to reach out for the master and secure a proper placement in eternity. Several rumors about the end of the world have come and gone, with another in the offing this December. Let your uncertainty spur you to seeking God while He can still be found. Wishing you a blessed day today, not minding the composition of the date. Shalom!

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  1. Mark! Mark! Mark!!!!I can’t thank you enough you just made my day.Your guest writer proves d saying ‘birds of same feather flock together’.There couldn’t be a better more straight to the point analysis of d madness this date/day has and is causing.Following him right away on twitter.

    baubau / Reply
  2. Oh Yea!!!!!!! This is but another day that the Lord has made. We must rejoice and be glad in it. Everyday is unique and we must make the best out of each day.

    Maryclare / Reply
  3. I remember

    Kengkeng / Reply

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